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Benefits of professional photography for estate agents

Good photographs catch your eye. They make you want to see more – to look at the detail, to sit back and get a feel for the image and what it represents. Estate agents use photographs to get people to come and view the houses they have for sale. If people don’t come to view the house, they won’t be making any offers on it. So, estate agents know to provide photographs to draw potential buyers. (This same reasoning applies to hotels and restaurants, as again the first thing that people see when they look for your business is the photographs on your website.)

But what if the photographs aren’t good quality? Camera shake, muddy colours, unflattering angles – these are all too common faults you’ll see in photographs on many estate agent websites throughout the country. If good photographs catch your eye and make you want to see more, what’s the result of poor photographs on house viewings? It’s not a stretch to suggest that poor quality photographs result in fewer viewings, and therefore fewer potential buyers. Indeed, Madison Oakley, an estate agent & chartered surveyors in Bath says this in their guide for choosing the right estate agent:

“Photos – are the most important aspect of your estate agent’s marketing. Your home will stand or fall in the market based on the quality of the photos taken. If you think about how buyers search for property, the photo is always the first thing they see”.

So, which of these photographs makes you want to see more of the house?

Interior photograph using a smartphone

Interior photograph using a popular smartphone


Professional interior photograph

Professional interior photograph

The first photo was taken with a smartphone, the second one with a professional camera with a photographer’s eye. Note the vast difference in lighting quality, detail and tone. The professional photo has been composed properly, where the smartphone photo was taken from eye height before quickly moving on.

Hiring a professional to take photographs gives better value for you, and your customers.

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