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02 Jul 2015

Testing my new camera

Earlier this week my new hardware arrived, and I’ve been testing my new camera partly to see what it and the new lenses are capable of, and partly to get used to how the buttons and menu items have changed so that I can quickly change settings on the fly. I now have

31 Mar 2015

How my commercial clients use my photographs

I’ve not had much time for blogging this last few weeks, as we’ve been sorting out our move to Ledbury, and then had no internet for 10 days. But I’ve started to get more time for it these last few days, as the house and garden have steadily come together. Last weekend I met up with Marc Wood, a furniture maker who I had done some photography for in late 2013. My wife had bought a desk that Marc had […]

27 Jan 2015

Moving to the West Midlands

It’s with a heavy heart that I’ll be saying goodbye to friends and colleagues in Exeter and around Devon, as my wife and I are moving to the West Midlands. I’ve lived in or just outside Exeter for 6 years, and have made some great friends and become involved in a great community, through volunteer and charity work, as well as through my photography.