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Category : Fine art

21 Mar 2017

Vintage car hill climbing in Frith Woods

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I noticed a sign at the entrance to Frith Woods, near Ledbury, saying that permission had been granted by the Forestry Commission for a vintage car rally to be held in the woods on Sunday 19 March.

20 Mar 2017

Buy my fine art prints on Etsy

I have exciting news – I’ve just opened a shop on Etsy where anyone can buy my fine art prints – select photographs that I’ve taken over many years. There are currently 10 images available to purchase as a print, and I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks and months.

27 Feb 2017

A year at Townend Hop Farm

In October 2015 General Public, Birmingham based artists, contacted me to take photographs for their exhibition The Hop Project, which is still touring the West Midlands and Wales. They wanted photographs of hop yards, and introduced me to Mark Andrews, who owns and runs Townend Hop Farm growing hops and cider apples, near Bosbury, Herefordshire.