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Category : How I Took It

28 Oct 2014
Tom Rosenbloom closeup after

Photo editing – before and after

I have occasionally read or heard people say that a professional photographer isn’t worth hiring when everyone has a camera in their pocket. Modern smartphone cameras can indeed take pretty good snapshots, but they aren’t able to reproduce many things that a DSLR can – depth of field and RAW image output to name just two. But perhaps more important than the tools of the trade is the experience of the photographer when assessing and editing images in post-processing.

17 Jun 2014

Carnivale of the Peculiar

Carnivale of the Peculiar – A night of music and entertainment On Saturday night I had the pleasure of being the official event photographer for the Carnivale of the Peculiar: a night of Steampunk, music, cabaret and general entertainment held at the Exeter Phoenix. The Carnivale was packed with friendly people in their steampunk finery. Big events like this are a bit of an invigorating challenge for a photographer,

10 Jun 2014

Seeing Exeter from above

A fine art project A few years ago I did a small fine art project called Exeter from above. I wanted to present to people a different way of looking at parts of Exeter city centre that are a twist on the aerial imagery that we’re all getting used to from drones or Google Earth/Maps. The images bring a sense of intimacy and real life missing from standard aerial photographs.