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Category : Landscapes and Nature

04 Aug 2015

Dog Hill Wood, Ledbury – Summer

Dog Hill Wood Ledbury in summer Last week I returned with my camera to Dog Hill Wood, Ledbury as a part of my continuing exploration of these semi-ancient woodlands throughout the seasons. Since I walk my dogs in the woods every week I get the chance to examine

09 Jun 2015

Furrows near Bromyard

A few weeks back I was just outside Bromyard, Herefordshire and I had my camera with me. Across the road from where my car was parked a field had been ploughed and furrowed that overlooked the wide expanse of the Frome Valley. Yet despite the beautiful valley laid out before me, my eyes were drawn to the furrows in the field – the straight lines contrasting the more organic curves of the hedgerows, trees and hills.

12 May 2015

Revealing the photograph beneath

As I edit my photographs I often have to switch viewing modes to see more detail, or strip the colour out so that I can concentrate on contrasts or shadows for the editing that I need to do. Recently I’ve begun to see my photographs in a different light when doing such editing work – I’m seeing them not as I intend them to be seen, but rather as peeling back layers of colour and detail to reveal the form […]