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Category : Landscapes and Nature

12 May 2015

Revealing the photograph beneath

As I edit my photographs I often have to switch viewing modes to see more detail, or strip the colour out so that I can concentrate on contrasts or shadows for the editing that I need to do. Recently I’ve begun to see my photographs in a different light when doing such editing work – I’m seeing them not as I intend them to be seen, but rather as peeling back layers of colour and detail to reveal the form […]

05 May 2015

Return to Dog Hill Wood

Return to Dog Hill Wood Last week I paid a return visit to Dog Hill Wood with my camera for another chapter in my recording of the woods throughout the changing seasons (see Part 1 – Dog Hill Wood, Ledbury). Now that spring is in full swing, the woods are carpeted in bluebells. They are, of course, quite beautiful, and

21 Apr 2015

Happy Spring!

I don’t have a great deal of time today for writing a blog, but as it’s yet another sunny spring day I thought I’d share a few photographs of spring – some are snaps taken with my phone camera while walking the dogs, others taken with my DSLR and edited. Tulips. I was living in