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Category : Landscapes and Nature

07 Apr 2015

Dog Hill Wood, Ledbury

Just a five minute walk from home, Dog Hill Wood in Ledbury is a Town Council woodland open to the public. It’s semi-ancient woodland with mature oak, yew, ash, cherry and cedar, along with native wildflowers – primroses, wood anemones and bluebells (which will be gorgeous in a couple of weeks). I intend to go there with my camera often and

04 Nov 2014

Mobile phone camera glitch

Last week I was in Haldon Forest with Exeter Community Initiatives on a team building day. I didn’t have my DSLR with me, but, as usual, I had my smartphone in my pocket and took a few photographs to document the day. One of the images that struck me was the result of a mobile phone camera glitch. Occasionally my phone camera does weird things and glitches, producing odd images. I find this fascinating, from an artistic standpoint, and some […]