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Category : Tips

04 Mar 2014

Photography Tip: Patience

Patience (and pets) Patience and pet photography go hand in hand. Pets often don’t do what you want when you want them to. They may have some brilliant tricks, but when you’ve gone to the trouble to get the camera out to capture it they mysteriously forget how to do it, or decide your camera is a far more interesting toy (though this can lead to it’s own great images).

18 Feb 2014

Photography Tip: Composition

Composition [Originally posted 12 January 2011. Minor edits and updates] What makes your eye move around an image? What about a photograph or a painting captures your attention? The composition of the elements in a photograph will provide both a natural focus on the subject and give your eye lines or curves to follow around the image.

03 Feb 2014

Photography Tip: Tension

Tension [Originally posted 17 December 2010. Minor edits and updates] Bringing out tension in the composition and/or cropping of an image can make or break a photograph. Tension can be brought out of action or inaction and is our emotional response to what our eyes are showing us. Tension in an image makes us ask questions: what’s around the corner; what are they looking at? It makes our imagination work to fill in the gaps in the narrative.