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11 Mar 2020

Colour accuracy in Windows 10 default apps

You really aren’t seeing the colour you think you are I was planning on writing this blog comparing the colour accuracy in Windows 10 default apps as a follow-up to my Colour accuracy in web browsers blog of a couple of weeks ago, and including a range of comparison images as I did in that one. The problem However, it turns out there’s no way to show you just how bad the default Windows 10 photos app is

26 Feb 2020

Colour accuracy in web browsers revisited

You may not be seeing the colour you think you are In 2016 I wrote a blog about colour accuracy in web browsers out of interest in what my clients would see when they view the images I deliver to them on their websites, and what the rest of the internet world would see on their own browsers. Today I’ve returned to look at how web browsers have changed in their rendition of colours, and to see if there’s a […]

22 Sep 2014

Website update coming soon

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was looking at updating my website. Well, as is often the case with website work, this is taking longer than expected. I had hoped to take my site offline yesterday and bring it back up on Wednesday with the new design. However, the rest of my life has got in the way somewhat (the week off in Pembrokeshire didn’t help the update, but it was a good week) and I’m now looking […]