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Category : Workshop

09 Aug 2016

Photographing a Rock School workshop for Reaction Music

I’ve previously taken photographs for Reaction Music (see African Drumming Workshop) to provide images for their upcoming website, and Kevin asked if I could take more photographs for them of a Rock School workshop that they were putting on at the Aspire Living centre in Hereford. Aspire supports people with learning and other disabilities

08 Apr 2014

Telling a story with photographs

The Great West Run A couple of years ago I took photographs at the Great West Run in Exeter, a half-marathon run annually since 1985. It draws participants from across the region, plus a large crowd of enthusiasts and spectators. I knew I would get some interesting images of the athletes preparing and running in the race, but photographs of races are all fairly similar:

04 Mar 2014

Photography Workshop: Patience

Patience (and pets) Patience and pet photography go hand in hand. Pets often don’t do what you want when you want them to. They may have some brilliant tricks, but when you’ve gone to the trouble to get the camera out to capture it they mysteriously forget how to do it, or decide your camera is a far more interesting toy (though this can lead to it’s own great images).