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Clothing and product photography for Ceci Paolo

In March 2016 Tom Hancock of the design agency The Sketch Collective got in touch with me about doing clothing photography for Ceci Paolo, a well regarded Ledbury clothing and lifestyle shop. I met Pat Harrison, the owner of Ceci Paolo a couple of days later and we talked about the type of photography she needed for the Ceci Paolo ecommerce site.

Pat needed photographs of each of the items of clothing, front and back, against a plain background – a fairly technical shoot, which I looked forward to getting stuck in to. Colour accuracy was essential to Pat, so that the colour of the items that her customers were seeing online really did match what they’d buy.

We started the shoot at the end of March, and spread it out throughout April as new orders were delivered to the shop. With a couple of soft lights, a plain backdrop and a sturdy tripod I set up for the shoot. Some of the staff at Ceci Paolo steamed or ironed the clothes and helped me by bringing in and taking away the clothes that needed photographing, making all of the shoots much smoother and more efficient.

There were hundreds of items of clothing to photograph and edit over the month, and when I’d finished each batch and provided the photographs to Pat at the resolution that she needed for the Ceci Paolo website, she was certainly kept busy uploading them all.

Near the end of the clothing shoots Pat had a few items, handbags, Japanese styled lights, children’s placemats, that needed photographing. That required resetting the little studio, so I made sure to do them together, where possible, to minimise the time needed.

I really enjoyed this shoot – it was clean and efficient, and Pat has told me that many of the items I photographed have sold out already, which is very satisfying to hear.

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