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Coronavirus/COVID-19 guidance

(edited 05 January 2021 due to new guidance from the UK Government)

Coronavirus/COVID-19 guidance

During this trying time for all of us, I can assure my clients and anyone looking for great photography that I take my responsibilities to my family, friends, clients and the community seriously, and I'm still open for business. With the continuing national lockdown, we're back into stay at home/work from home instructions. Below I'll enumerate my current safe working rules.

My current services include:

    • Product photography (smaller products delivered to my home studio)
    • Photography tutoring (online-only during the lockdown)
    • Presentations to photography clubs across the UK (online-only during the lockdown)
    • Professional editing of your mobile phone or digital camera photographs. Contact me to find out more about this service.

I will not be taking photographs at any concerts or events until I have been vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2, and I will not be taking portrait photographs or any photographs that involve working away from home.

Here are the safe working rules I'll be following, which have been integrated into my Terms & Conditions:

    1. I will follow the advice of the UK's Chief Medical Officer and the UK Government Scientific Adviser. This advice will likely continue to change in the coming weeks and months.
    2. I will self-isolate if necessary, and inform clients directly, and others via social media.
    3. I will waive any late cancellation fees during this time that are the result of a client having COVID-19 or having to self-isolate.
    4. I will use telephone and/or video meetings on Microsoft Teams etc. for all meetings until social distancing restrictions are removed.

I'm active on social media, and I hope that we can continue to interact and socialise there until such time that all restrictions are lifted. Follow me on social media using the links at the very bottom of this page.

Please take care of yourselves, your families and your clients. Keep safe and healthy and remember to support local businesses – we're stronger together.

- Paul Ligas