All photographs, images and text are copyright Paul Ligas Photography Limited 2020.

Fine art photographer

Ledbury Bowling Club

A short photo essay on the Ledbury Bowling Club

Portraits of wildflowers at night

Portraits of wildflowers at night: flowers growing wild in my backyard meadow in Herefordshire, England.

The Fair

Documentary photographs from when the travelling fair made its annual visit to Newbury, Berkshire, in 2007.

Street and Urban Photography

Street and urban photography from around the UK and the world.


I'm at the beginning of my journey into astrophotography, using my 15cm reflector telescope for planets, moons and deep sky objects, as well as astrophotography landscapes. These are some of the images I've captured.

Life on the Farm

Life on the Farm: a short series looking at life on a small holding in Buckinghamshire.


Posed and unposed photographs of people.

My Grandmother’s House

Photographs from my final visit to my grandmother's house.

Animal and Pet Photography

Pet Photography and images of wild and domesticated animals.

On The Road

On The Road: travelling, as seen by mobile phone cameras, with the limitations of the hardware providing an illusion of motion.


Abstract photography: unusual views of the familiar.


'3D' Photosynths flattened, giving a warped and unusual view of what surrounds us.

Graffiti and Decay

Images of urban decay and graffiti. Paul Ligas Photography.


Photographs capturing movement and tension.

Looking Up

Looking Up: a series examining the everyday that we usually ignore.

Landscapes and Nature Photography

Landscapes and Nature: rural scenes and landscapes.

Great West Run

The Great West Run half marathon, Exeter, 2009.

Phone Camera Errors

Our mobile phone cameras don't always work properly, leading to abstract and unusual images.


A short series looking at contemporary forestry in South West England.

Exeter From Above

Offering a different view of Exeter - from above.


Ceilings: striking simplicity above our heads.