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From the archive, part 1

As a photographer it can be well worth looking over your own photographs from past years, partly to see how far you’ve come in your quest to always take better photographs. Doing so can also turn up some images that you’re particularly pleased with. In this occasional series I’ll be dipping into my archive, posting images from years gone by that I’m especially pleased with, and will explain a bit about the photo.

This is my friend Fey Pink, songwriter, singer, activist and more, previously of The Mysterious Freakshow, during a promotional shoot I did with the band in Exeter in 2014. Wearing an old wedding dress, with parasol and steampunk goggles, sitting in the sun on some steps on Bartholomew Terrace, Fey is one of the most photogenic people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

Self-posed under the parasol (Fey has a habit of posing perfectly without need for direction…), the harsh shadows from the mid-day sun were softened, giving a lovely even lighting on her face. When it came to editing the image, it was immediately obvious that black and white was the best choice, as colour in the image added too much distraction from the already largely black and white elements. I turned up the local contrast to bring out the textures and balanced the exposure, as working in direct sunlight can make editing tricky. No cropping was necessary.

While it bends some of the ‘rules’ of composition, this remains one of my personal favourite photographs.

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