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Furrows near Bromyard

A few weeks back I was just outside Bromyard, Herefordshire and I had my camera with me. Across the road from where my car was parked a field had been ploughed and furrowed that overlooked the wide expanse of the Frome Valley. Yet despite the beautiful valley laid out before me, my eyes were drawn to the furrows in the field – the straight lines contrasting the more organic curves of the hedgerows, trees and hills.

And although I know almost the entire landscape I could see was man made, the lines of the furrows stood out as artificial somehow (but not in a bad way – I know this is where our food comes from). And they weren’t ugly. The precision of them makes them alien, almost other-worldly when applied to the earth itself. The colour of the soil helps, as it has a similar colour to photographs from Mars taken by NASA rovers. Lines like that in concrete would be interesting visually, but the soil itself being moulded into such artificial shapes drew me.

In the two photographs above I’ve tried to capture that other-worldliness.

About the photographer

The Photographer SmallPaul Ligas is a professional commercial photographer based in Herefordshire, and working across the West Midlands and the UK. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.