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Happy Spring!

I don’t have a great deal of time today for writing a blog, but as it’s yet another sunny spring day I thought I’d share a few photographs of spring – some are snaps taken with my phone camera while walking the dogs, others taken with my DSLR and edited.

Tulips. I was living in Newbury when I took this photograph. Just down along Craven Road there were a few tulips poking their heads over a brick wall that practically begged me to take their photograph.

Crab Apples. Also in Newbury, looking up I was immediately struck by the balance of the white crab apple flowers and the puffy spring clouds against a dark blue sky. That was a lovely day.

Teign Valley. Ahh, Devon’s Teign Valley in spring. One of the most beautiful river valleys in England, the steep sides covered with trees reflecting in the clear water below. I’ve had many a fine walk along that river.

Tulips on the Table. A quick photo on my camera phone taken just a few weeks ago with tulips bought from a local Ledbury florist adding a riot of colour to the kitchen table.

Cherry blossom. And finally, cherry blossom blown down by the wind in Dog Hill Wood, Ledbury. Delicate against the still-cold earth, but a promise of the warmth to come.

Happy Spring!

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