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More mobile phone camera errors

Back in November 2014 I posted a blog about mobile phone camera glitches and said that if I could collect more I’d put them up in a gallery. Well, now that I’ve joined Instagram I’m spending more time going through my phone photographs and I’ve found a few more examples of mobile phone camera errors that turned out to be interesting photographs. I’ve put a few of them here, and the link to the full gallery is at the bottom.

I should say that since May this year I’ve upgraded my phone and now my camera is very stable, so this may be the last of the phone camera errors that I get to post, which is both good (I hate it when it happens) and bad (in the end I often like the result).

In some of these photos the camera couldn’t focus on anything in the frame but it took the photograph anyway, and I’m pleased it did. Those two images have a soft and ethereal feeling that I find somehow comforting.

The most common error on my old phones it appears that the camera tried to take two photographs and force them into one image, with some areas overlapping and creating those purple blocks shifted in both space and time from the intended image underneath.

And then there’s white. Just white.

So this is how our lives are now being recorded – digital images, digital videos, digital sound – reality broken into tiny bits and bytes – 1 on, 0 off. While these images may look like something you want to just press ‘delete’ on and try to take again, if something similar happens to you take a brief moment to pause and consider how the actual image you’re looking to get, if you could zoom in on its pixels, is even more abstract and divorced from reality.

The complete gallery of mobile phone camera errors.

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