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21 Oct 2014

Street photography

Street photography is a ‘thing’ these days, with almost everyone having a camera on the phone in their pocket. A quick search on Bing returned more than 34,000,000 hits to the search for Street Photography, where Landscape Photography returned 22,000,000 and Architecture Photography 17,000,000 hits. It’s partly because the world is now very urban, people are interested in people (humanity’s general gossipiness and nosiness), the ubiquity of cameras plus the ease by which the photographs can be shared online.

14 Oct 2014

My Grandmother’s house – my final visit

Most people have close ties with their grandparents, and the loss of a grandparent can make you re-examine many things in your life – the kind of person you are, and how you have been influenced by your close family. When my Grandmother, Jessie Reidel, fell and injured herself in 2011 she was no longer able to care for herself at her home in Kitchener, Ontario – a home she had shared with her family for more than 70 years. I returned […]

22 Jul 2014

Band photo shoot with The Mysterious Freakshow

A little while ago on a lovely, but a bit gusty, Sunday afternoon, I joined The Mysterious Freakshow at a pub in Exeter before a photo shoot at sites around the centre of town. The band has just released their first CD, and were looking for promotional photographs that they could use for facebook, posters, leaflets etc. for their increasingly busy gig schedule. Some photos from this shoot were also used for their second CD, Cabinet of Curiosities.