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17 Jun 2014

Carnivale of the Peculiar

Carnivale of the Peculiar – A night of music and entertainment On Saturday night I had the pleasure of being the official event photographer for the Carnivale of the Peculiar: a night of Steampunk, music, cabaret and general entertainment held at the Exeter Phoenix. The Carnivale was packed with friendly people in their steampunk finery. Big events like this are a bit of an invigorating challenge for a photographer,

10 Jun 2014

Seeing Exeter from above

A fine art project A few years ago I did a small fine art project called Exeter from above. I wanted to present to people a different way of looking at parts of Exeter city centre that are a twist on the aerial imagery that we’re all getting used to from drones or Google Earth/Maps. The images bring a sense of intimacy and real life missing from standard aerial photographs.

22 Apr 2014

The beauty of natural light

Natural light in photography I spoke a bit about natural light in a recent blog (Product photography lighting). I mentioned the soft shadows and even lighting that indirect natural light provides. I have a few more examples here of how natural lighting creates beautiful images. At a daytime event the indirect light from windows if you’re inside, or the even light from a cloudy sky if you’re outside, is usually evenly bright and coming from a flattering angle