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08 Apr 2014

Telling a story with photographs

The Great West Run Years ago I took photographs at the Great West Run in Exeter, a half-marathon run annually since 1985. It draws participants from across the South West of England, plus a large crowd of enthusiasts and spectators. I knew I would get some interesting images of the athletes preparing and running in the race, but photographs of races are all fairly similar:

11 Mar 2014

Event photography – How I took it: Steampunk Yule Ball 2013

How I took it: Steampunk Yule Ball 2013 Different photographers have different approaches to event photography to meet their client’s requirements. For clients, it’s important to know the style their chosen photographer works in, and the type of images they’ll get from it. For this article I’ll be referring to the photos I took at the Steampunk Yule Ball in Exeter last December as an example of the methods of photography that I use at events, and to illustrate some […]

09 Dec 2013

Steampunk Yule Ball 2013

Steampunk Yule Ball 2013, at the Exeter Phoenix I had the pleasure of being the roving photographer at the Steampunk Yule Ball 2013 at the Exeter Phoenix. At the invitation of The Mysterious Freakshow, I was given a backstage pass to record the event and the fabulous people there. With several bands, roving artists, traders, DJs and people dressed to the nines, it was 5 hours of great music and entertainment. Here’s a taster of the images I took, and […]