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Photo Shoot Questions and Answers

Photo Shoot Questions and Answers

I understand that hiring a photographer isn't something people do every day, so I've set out a few basic questions and answers to help you prepare for your photo shoot. I can answer any of your other questions in the free consultation.

Q: How many people will you have on the shoot?

A: I work on my own (I hold a DBS certificate) and manage my photo shoots myself, so you don't need to worry about a load of people descending on you. My photo shoots are relaxed and friendly.

Q: I need a portrait photo shoot, how should I prepare?

A: Dress in the clothing that you feel relaxed in, or for a business portrait, that you feel is appropriate. Try to avoid bright red and orange, as they are colours that computer monitors and mobile phones are often unable to reproduce accurately. Choose clothes without small patterns, because if small versions of the images are seen on a website or mobile, those patterns may give an odd effect. Above all, relax! I aim to make portrait photo shoots friendly and enjoyable experiences.

Q: Where will the photographs be taken?

A: That all depends on the type of photo shoot. For business clients I like to go to their place of work to capture photos that really tell their story. Small product photos I take in my own home studio. I can also come to your home or anywhere that you feel comfortable – a favourite park, for instance. We'll talk more about that in our free consultation, and if an outside shoot needs rescheduling because of the weather, then I'm happy to reschedule.

Q: During the coronavirus/COVID-19 emergency, will you wear a mask?

A: Yes. I take the health and safety of my clients very seriously, and will always wear a mask and keep socially distanced during the time that I'm at your office or home and at all other times during the shoot. I ask that my clients take the same level of care and also wear masks and maintain social distance. You can rest assured that I do this with every photo shoot and public outing, for the benefit of my family, friends, clients and my community. A healthy community is a vibrant community!

Q: How many images will I get?

A: That depends on the type of shoot we're doing. I'll typically take more photographs during a food photo shoot than during a portrait photo shoot. But you can be sure that I'll edit and deliver to you all of the best images, not just a specific number.

Q: A photo shoot seems expensive...

A: I know a photo shoot is a significant investment for a small business, but the benefits it will bring their business will be long lasting. For my private clients, the benefits of beautiful photos will be with them for the rest of their lives. When you book an hour's photography, I'll also need to spend about two hours in post-production to make those photographs really pop. By hour, the price of a good photo shoot will be about the same as a good hairdresser, something most people are happy to regularly invest in. I have many years of experience creating memorable and eye-catching images, and there's more involved in creating an image than just pointing and clicking – the cost of the shoot is a reflection of the great value that professional photographs bring.

Q: I have other questions.

A: No problem! Book a free consultation and we can talk through how I can help you. I'm here to create great photographs and forge a friendly and long-lasting relationship with my clients.