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Photography as a key to your brand image


Photography as a key part of your brand for marketing

A few weeks ago, after meeting on a Chamber of Commerce online networking, I had a one-to-one meeting with Jo Morgan of Prime Mix Marketing. Our conversation ranged from the importance of good marketing in our current climate (coming out of lockdown), to branding and the value that great photography brings to creating and maintaining brand image.

Jo has written a very good blog about brand image covering logo, colours and more, which you should definitely read, but my expertise is in photography, and here’s what I know.

The past year has taught us all to not dismiss the importance of our online presence. That presence can take many forms – from LinkedIn and Twitter to our business website (our modern-day shop window) and even our individual online networking on Zoom or Teams (think background images of your business).

We’re online now, and that’s set to continue as most of us don’t want to ‘go back’ to the way things were before, but instead to go forward to a new and better way of doing our business. That means that our online presence is going to continue to be a vital way of communicating our brand – our skills, our products, our experience – to our potential clients.

Creative photography is a key part of creating and communicating your brand to differentiate your business from your competitors; to tell your story; to show your potential clients and customers who and what you are. It can help set the tone for your interactions with your clients and customers. Jo Morgan put it well in her blog: high-quality photographs “are a cost-effective marketing tool as they can be used across all your marketing activities and leave a lasting good impression on your brand image.”

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