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19 Jul 2018

Cycling photography

Earlier this summer a new cycling blog launched – TheBottomGear – its owner and author, John, asked me if I could take photographs that he can use on the blog and on social media. Understandably he has problems photographing himself on his bike from a distance – cycling photography can be awkward like that – and I was very happy to help.

16 Jul 2018

Capturing the Ledbury Poetry Festival

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of being the official event photographer for the Ledbury Poetry Festival. Having spoken to theĀ Festival Manager, Phillippa Slinger, at the 2017 Ledbury Celebration I was keen to help the festival get professional photographs to help them promote this wonderful Herefordshire event – the biggest poetry festival in the UK.

26 Feb 2018

A visit to the Elan Valley, Wales

Last week I took a couple of days off to rest and recharge, so I went in the camper van with my dogs to the Elan Valley in Wales, near Rhayader. Crisp February weather – cold nights outside the van and inside it, but some beautiful scenery to experience – some stark and windswept, like the treeless landscape around Claerwen Reservoir, and other areas wooded and verdant, even in mid-winter, in a walk along the edge of Penygarreg Reservoir. I […]