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06 May 2014

Photographs for Jelly Charity Shop

Window display and shop interior photographs Last Tuesday morning, I went to Jelly Charity Shop on Paris Street, Exeter, a children’s clothing and toy charity shop run by Exeter Community Initiatives, to take photographs of the window display and the shop interior. Jelly was entering the Charity Retail Awards and needed the best photographs they could get, outside and inside, for their entry.

22 Apr 2014

The beauty of natural light

Natural light in photography I spoke a bit about natural light in a recent blog (Product photography lighting). I mentioned the soft shadows and even lighting that indirect natural light provides. I have a few more examples here of how natural lighting creates beautiful images. At a daytime event the indirect light from windows if you’re inside, or the even light from a cloudy sky if you’re outside, is usually evenly bright and coming from a flattering angle

08 Apr 2014

Telling a story with photographs

The Great West Run Years ago I took photographs at the Great West Run in Exeter, a half-marathon run annually since 1985. It draws participants from across the South West of England, plus a large crowd of enthusiasts and spectators. I knew I would get some interesting images of the athletes preparing and running in the race, but photographs of races are all fairly similar: