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11 Mar 2014

Event photography – How I took it: Steampunk Yule Ball 2013

How I took it: Steampunk Yule Ball 2013 Different photographers have different approaches to event photography to meet their client’s requirements. For clients, it’s important to know the style their chosen photographer works in, and the type of images they’ll get from it. For this article I’ll be referring to the photos I took at the Steampunk Yule Ball in Exeter last December as an example of the methods of photography that I use at events, and to illustrate some […]

04 Mar 2014

Photography Tip: Patience

Patience (and pets) Patience and pet photography go hand in hand. Pets often don’t do what you want when you want them to. They may have some brilliant tricks, but when you’ve gone to the trouble to get the camera out to capture it they mysteriously forget how to do it, or decide your camera is a far more interesting toy (though this can lead to it’s own great images).

24 Feb 2014

Tone mapping in photography

Tone mapping Following on from my blog post in November about High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, I’ll explain a little bit about tone mapping. The tone of an image is, basically, the contrast between the light and dark areas of the photograph. The human eye is capable of seeing a much higher contrast between light and dark than can be show on a computer monitor, TV or a print