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11 Nov 2013

HDR photography

A brief look at High Dynamic Range photography I’ll be bringing a few of my older, short blog posts to the fore again, as they are still highly relevant to anyone interested in photography. We’ll start with a post I made about High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography a couple of years ago. HDR photography is great for interior photographs, but it takes some skill to do it right.

22 Oct 2013

What’s changed?

Paul Ligas | Photography new website My newly redesigned website is up and running now, making it easier for you to find photographs that you like, and to share with colleagues, friends and family. What’s changed? A move to WordPress has meant

15 Oct 2013

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new-look website for Paul Ligas Photography I’m very pleased to present my updated website, a much better place for people to view sample images and see what other’s have said about my work. I’ve made it easier to contact me, and easier to share the things you like with your colleagues, friends and family. I’ll be adding more blog content as time goes on, so keep an eye out, and drop me a comment if you see […]