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28 Jul 2017

From the archive, part 1

As a photographer it can be well worth looking over your own photographs from past years, partly to see how far you’ve come in your quest to always take better photographs. Doing so can also turn up some images that you’re particularly pleased with. In this occasional series I’ll be dipping into my archive, posting images from years gone by that I’m especially pleased with, and will explain a bit about the photo.

17 Jul 2017
Townend Hop Farm, Herefordshire farming agriculture photographer hops photography

Sway presentation & showcase

Having recently bought Office 365, I’ve been excited to use Microsoft Sway to create an online presentation showcasing some of my photography to help potential clients to see the quality of photography that they can expect, and to give a great visual explanation of the various styles of commercial photography work that I do.

12 Jun 2017

Ledbury Community Day 2017

Last year I missed Ledbury Community Day as I was out of town, but this year (on Saturday 10 June) I was determined to have a look around the town, meet some of the people who run community groups and local charities, learn more about the many things happening in and around Ledbury and snap a few photographs to help promote them.