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Photos from inside a lockdown 2.0 – Part 1



Photos from my life during the second lockdown – Part 1

England has joined Wales and Scotland in tighter restrictions on work and movement, our second lockdown, to help save lives and reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS. There may be more lockdowns before the vaccine(s) can be given to everyone. In the meantime I’m spending my time at home with some work and recording some of my life: Photos from inside a Lockdown 2.0. This is Part 1. (This is the first set of Photos from Inside a Lockdown from spring 2020.)

Autumn is here, and the trees have already lost almost all their leaves. Walking the dogs every afternoon is still a pleasure that I’m fortunate to have, both for their grounding company, their reminders to take life as it is and live in the moment, and for the ability to get outside and feel the wind, and even occasional sunshine.

Colour is everywhere now, not that it wasn’t before, but it’s just easier for us all to see as the dominant green has gone. While some beautiful reds can be seen in garden plants, our native woodlands are mostly yellow, orange and brown, with shades of all those colours subtly blending as autumn slowly turns to winter.

I particularly like the way that wet leaves look on the forest floor. Mushrooms have sprouted, including another fairy ring on Bradlow Hill near Ledbury. At this time of year the late afternoon sunlight can be glorious – a damp yellow with a touch of green, which has inspired painters for centuries.

I’ll be continuing to explore with photographs what I see during this lockdown. Stay home and stay safe, everyone. We can help each other get through this.

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