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Photos from inside a lockdown 2.0 – Part 2



Photos from my life during the second lockdown – Part 2

England has joined Wales and Scotland in tighter restrictions on work and movement, our second lockdown, to help save lives and reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS. There may be more lockdowns before the vaccine(s) can be given to everyone. In the meantime I’m spending my time at home with some work and recording some of my life: Photos from inside a Lockdown 2.0. This is Part 2. (View Part 1 – View the first Photos from Inside a Lockdown from spring 2020.)

This week I wanted to mention the light. During the first lockdown in spring, I could work, get back from walking the dogs and still have hours of sunlight left, but now the sun has set before I can get home with my dogs, and evenings inside are under artificial light, which while something we’ve all experienced each year all our lives, still manages to surprise when it finally happens. Try to get outside during the day, even if its just into your garden to see what’s growing (there’ll be a lot more than you think).

A major theme of this Photos From Inside a Lockdown will be my constant companions – my dogs. Inside the house and outside, they’re almost always with me. They’re the reason I get outside into the woods every day, giving me time to connect with the natural world, grounding me, sharing many of my experiences and teaching me about how to be in the moment.

I’ll be continuing to explore with photographs what I see during this lockdown. Stay home and stay safe, everyone. We can help each other get through this.

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