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Photos from inside a lockdown 2.0 – Part 4



Photos from my life during the second lockdown – Part 4

The second lockdown in England , to help save lives and reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS, has now ended, but most of us are still experiencing some restrictions on our ability to mix with others. There may be more lockdowns before the vaccine(s) can be given to everyone. I’m spending my time at home with work, fine art photography and recording some of my life: Photos from inside a Lockdown 2.0. This is the final part, Part 4, though I may renew the series if another lockdown becomes necessary. (View Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 – View the first Photos from Inside a Lockdown from spring 2020.)

The theme in today’s final Photos from Inside a Lockdown is fog – last week was a very foggy week, with the beautiful sunsets all but gone for days, unless you could get above the fog.

Which is exactly what I tried to do on Thursday of last week – get above the fog in Ledbury by going up on Marcle Ridge with my dogs for our afternoon walk.

It didn’t work – the fog was covering Marcle Ridge as well. But we were treated to some wonderful and inspiring sights on the drive up there, and on the walk itself. The ridge wasn’t above the fog, but it was close. At the top, near the TV tower at the spot that usually has glorious views over west Herefordshire to Wales, the low afternoon sun was almost visible. The fog would occasionally thin and blue sky could be seen.

The TV Tower itself was high enough to be above the fog, and in sunshine, but that could only be seen from right near the tower itself – ghostly and floating above in the sunlight.

On the way back to the van, just after the sun had set, lovely sunset colours managed to light the sky, while the moon rose above the fog in the east.


Once again my dogs are a vital part of this series. Though unseen in these photos they’re there, beside me – waiting patiently while I compose an image. They can make any day better.

There’s now a genuine light at the end of the tunnel. A few more months and we can come out of this better together, and build anew, for everyone. Stay safe.

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