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Photos from inside a lockdown 3 – Part 1

Photos from my life during the third lockdown – Part 1

The third lockdown in England, to help save lives and reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS, began last week. It’s a feeling we now know well, but the importance of which has only grown. I’m spending my time at home with work, fine art photography and recording some of my life: Photos from inside a Lockdown 3. This is Part 1. (View all of the Photos from Inside a Lockdown blogs)

This series is a way for me to capture some of the things around me that I find beautiful, and hopefully it can inspire those who read it and look at the photos to see the beauty that’s still there in their own lives.

We started January with some lovely frosty weather. Snow, even, though it was short lived. The frost and ice made walking in the winter woods and fields much less muddy and less slippery, which was welcome.

Those heavy frosts only affect areas exposed to the open sky, so in the woods on trails you see little evidence of it, despite the cold, but areas where the trail opens you’ll find pockets of winter’s glaze.

The garden too is subtly beautiful at this time of year. We have flowers that are trying hard to continue to grow. I’m sure they’ll make it through these frosts just fine, and their frost-fringed colours are lovely to see.

We don’t know how long this lockdown will need to last, but it’s for the benefit of everyone that we all follow the rules and keep each other safe. A few more months and we can come out of this better together, and build anew, for everyone. Stay safe.

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