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Photos from inside a lockdown 3 – Part 8

Photos from my life during the third lockdown – Part 8

The third lockdown in England, to help save lives and reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS, began in early January. It’s a feeling we now know well, but the importance of which has only grown. I’m spending my time at home with work, fine art photography and recording some of my life: Photos from inside a Lockdown 3. This is Part 8. (View all of the Photos from Inside a Lockdown blogs)

With our spirits lifting at the thought of the end to lockdowns we’ve had a spring-like end to February. Beautiful, warm sunshine that brought smiles to everyone I passed (at a socially safe distance) on my walk with my dogs through the woods to Bradlow Hill, just outside Ledbury.

The setting sun has also now swung back to shine into our lounge. The glow of final rays of sun making a warm and relaxing start to the evening. I have begun again to capture those brief moments where the room lights up all around. And I’ve also returned to creating photosynth images – flattened “3D” photos – that give a unique perspective on the space that surrounds me. 

And while the winter sunsets have gone away until later this year, the setting sun has now arced past the trees that block our view of the southern sky, and we again have the pleasure of stepping out on our balcony to enjoy the colours as evening begins.

We don’t know exactly how much longer this lockdown will need to last, though the end is in sight, but it’s for the benefit of everyone that we all follow the rules and keep each other safe. A little while longer and we can come out of this better together, and build anew for everyone. Stay safe.

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