JB Gaynan & Son

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Karen Owens, a jeweller who runs JB Gaynan & Son in Ledbury, Herefordshire, asked me to take photographs of her beautiful handmade silver jewellery to use on their website and for other promotional use – e.g. banners for trade & business shows. Karen wanted the jewellery photographed on a black background, which I thought was a good choice that I was able to work well with to bring out the lustre of the lovely items she made.

Since my first job for JB Gaynan & Son, Karen has asked me back to do more jewellery photography.

Work: Product photography


“Paul always gives a professional first class service at a very competitive cost.”

Karen Owens, JB Gaynan & Son

  • Date: May & June 2017
  • Client: JB Gaynan & Son
  • Filed under: Commercial Photography, Products
  • Link: www.gaynans.co.uk