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The Mysterious Freakshow

Project Description

I’d taken concert and backstage photographs for The Mysterious Freakshow as part of the Exeter Steampunk scene, and they hired me to do a promotional shoot to coincide with the release of their first CD. The band used some of these images, and others that I’d taken at their concerts, on their second CD.


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“Well, what can we say about Paul Ligas Photography… ABSOLUTELY BLOOMIN’ FANTASTIC!! He is the Mysterious Freakshow’s Official Photographer – we don’t go anywhere without him. Such a talented, creative and insightful chap, with an amazing eye for detail. Every photoshoot has been such a laugh and a joy. When Paul has covered our Steampunk events he has the ability to blend into the background and take some fabulous documentary style photographs of artistes in action. Such diversity and creativity is rare in photographers these days but Paul Ligas has it in bucketfuls! RECOMMEND HIGHLY!!!

Fey Pink, The Mysterious Freakshow

Project Details

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