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Seeing Exeter from above

A fine art project

A few years ago I did a small fine art project called Exeter from above. I wanted to present to people a different way of looking at parts of Exeter city centre that are a twist on the aerial imagery that we’re all getting used to from drones or Google Earth/Maps.

The images bring a sense of intimacy and real life missing from standard aerial photographs. They’re a mix of the candid style of street photography that brings life to urban photographs and reveals natural moments, plus an unusual view of familiar places because of the angle they were taken from.

I looked for diagonal compositions, trying to give a sense of ‘what’s around the corner’ and helping to make the composition active, so the viewer’s eyes are drawn along the diagonals. I also wanted the photographs to give the feeling of a microcosm of the city. To bring out that sense of microcosm I used tilt-shift post-processing (tilt-shift ‘proper’ uses a specialist tilt-shift lens) where depth of field is conveyed through selective blurring, and where the colours are over saturated. Tilt-shift photographs usually give a sense of the image being of a miniature – toy like, as if the photograph was taken with a macro lens.

These photographs, like all my fine art images, are available to buy as limited edition prints. Just get in touch with me through the Contact page.

I owe the building occupants thanks for helping me create Exeter from above – allowing me access to the roofs and balconies overlooking Cathedral Square and Princesshay Square – specifically House of Fraser, Nationwide and Debenhams.

About the photographer

The Photographer SmallPaul Ligas is a professional commercial photographer based in Herefordshire, working across Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the UK. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and connect on LinkedIn.