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22 Apr 2014

The beauty of natural light

Natural light in photography I spoke a bit about natural light in a recent blog (Product photography lighting). I mentioned the soft shadows and even lighting that indirect natural light provides. I have a few more examples here of how natural lighting creates beautiful images. At a daytime event the indirect light from windows if you’re inside, or the even light from a cloudy sky if you’re outside, is usually evenly bright and coming from a flattering angle

08 Apr 2014

Telling a story with photographs

The Great West Run Years ago I took photographs at the Great West Run in Exeter, a half-marathon run annually since 1985. It draws participants from across the South West of England, plus a large crowd of enthusiasts and spectators. I knew I would get some interesting images of the athletes preparing and running in the race, but photographs of races are all fairly similar:

01 Apr 2014

Architecture photography

Architecture photography and the artistic eye Good architecture photography doesn’t just happen. It requires planning, good equipment and an artistic eye. For the planning, I need to be aware of the style of building(s) that the architect/client wishes to have photographed, which will lead to ideas on the type of images I’ll aim to get. This goes hand-in-hand with discussing the client’s desired outcomes and the type of photograph they wish to get from the shoot.