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25 Mar 2014

Product photography lighting

Natural lighting in product photography Lighting is essential. Apart from the obvious (photography would be nothing without it), lighting sets the mood for a photograph and its proper use can make you focus on what’s important in the image. Conversely, poor lighting can detract from the image and what’s important about it. In the case of product photography what’s important is showing your product in the best possible way to get potential customers interested in looking closer. If they don’t […]

18 Mar 2014

How I took it: Respect Battle of the Bands 2014

How I took it: Battle of the Bands Last night, at the invitation of The Mysterious Freakshow, I was at The Cavern, Exeter to take photographs of the Respect Battle of the Bands 2014 – deciding on one of the bands to play at the 2014 Exeter Respect Festival coming up in May/June 2014. If you’ve never been to The Cavern, well, it’s not cavernous –

11 Mar 2014

Event photography – How I took it: Steampunk Yule Ball 2013

How I took it: Steampunk Yule Ball 2013 Different photographers have different approaches to event photography to meet their client’s requirements. For clients, it’s important to know the style their chosen photographer works in, and the type of images they’ll get from it. For this article I’ll be referring to the photos I took at the Steampunk Yule Ball in Exeter last December as an example of the methods of photography that I use at events, and to illustrate some […]